Notice regarding changes in our Liturgy schedule

Dear parish family,

May the grace and peace of the Holy Spirit be with us forever!

We remain still within the octave of Christmas; the blessings of Emmanuel are remarkably close. A special blessing is one of compassion, we know of the Lord’s compassion upon all of creation and each of us and our families as we continue to find a pathway through this pandemic. The Lord’s compassion allows us to recognize His presence, his companionship, and his guidance even in the darkest of moments.

These are indeed moments of darkness, but not of despair. The reality of the constant increase in Covid-19 infection and mortality, now projected for several months more tells us that we have to be deliberate about our health care and the care of others. In our parish, even in terms of the persons who have been present at our in-person liturgies, many have become ill. We know that many also traveled outside of the country for the Christmas celebration and in the next couple of days, many will find it difficult not to congregate to celebrate the new year. The hospitalization of Francisco Valdovinos also weighs heavy on most of us.

It is for these reasons that the following changes in our liturgy schedule have been made. Beginning December 31 and through the month of January, there will be no in-person celebrations. Most liturgies will be replaced by YouTube and/or FaceBook celebrations. As you review these changes please keep in mind the obligation that we must protect the most precious gift we have received from God, the gift of life. Also, please keep in mind that everyone, without exception, has been dispensed from Sunday obligation by our Bishop.

December 31st – 6:00 pm virtual celebration in English
8:00 pm virtual celebration in Spanish.
January 1st – 9:00 am virtual celebration in both languages.

There will be no Saturday celebrations.
There will be a daily virtual liturgy at 8:00 am.

There will be no in-person celebrations at Mission San Jose, Mission Señor de la Misericordia, Mission San Felipe de Jesús. These will be replaced by a virtual celebration broadcast from the mission itself.

The Sunday liturgy schedule for Our Lady of Soledad will be as follows:
7:00 am Virtual liturgy
9:00 am Virtual liturgy
11:00 am Virtual liturgy
4:00 pm Virtual liturgy
5:00 pm Virtual liturgy

Please NOTE: Eucharist will be distributed in front of the Church after the 9:00 am and the 11:00 am liturgy. You will have participated in the virtual liturgy and then will come to receive the Eucharist at the door of the Church.