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Advent Calendar 2020 (Daily At-Home Advent Activities for Families)

The Advent season is a time to pray to God, seek his forgiveness, and work for peace. Here are some resources to help do this as a family.

Additional seasonal resources for families:

Let’s pay attention to the following
All religious services are held outdoors with a capacity of 100 people, we are no allowed people inside the building. All protocols will remain in effect when celebrating outdoors including:

  • Singing or humming songs is not allowed.
  • People over 65 are still being insisted on staying at home and following the celebration on YouTube as well as people with pre-existing conditions
  • On Festivities, Commemoration All Souls Day, we will remember your loved ones who pass away, the entire month of November writedown the names using the corresponding envelopes.
  • Thanksgiving Day, Please be very careful with family gatherings.
  • Advent-Christmas, Unfortunately, there will be no posadas this year, we will live Advent with the Advent wreath, anticipating the arrival of Christmas with hope. Guidelines on December 12 and Christmas are pending

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Reporting sexual abuse of a child

By a priest, deacon, employee, or volunteer, call the toll free Sexual Misconduct Hotline 1-888-206-9090.


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